How to Read Pregnancy Test Results?

How to Read Pregnancy Test Results? A few days of delay of menstrual cycle, morning sickness, pain in the breast, a change in taste preferences – all these symptoms may be signs of pregnancy. If you suggest you are pregnant buy pregnancy test for in pharmacy.

Before use the test read the user’s manual carefully. Nevertheless almost all the tests are similar as for the test procedure, they can differ slightly, and if you do not follow instructions correctly, the results received can be inaccurate or unreliable.

As a rule, testing can be performed at any time, but please take into account that HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) hormone concentration is the highest in urine sample taken in morning. So early in pregnancy, it is better to test in the morning. It is also recommended to decrease intake of liquid and diuretic drugs.

After reading the instruction manual and performing the test accordingly, you need to read its result. Almost all the tests have special area on which color bands should appear, exactly:

  • С (control band) is the band that indicates the test is valid, and confirms that test result is reliable.
  • Т (test band) is the band that detects HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)hormone in urine. If this band appears on the test area it means you are pregnant.

How to Read Pregnancy Test Results?

Pregnancy Test Results:

Pregnancy test result can be positive (you are likely pregnant), or negative (pregnancy is unlikely). As a rule positive result of the test is defined by the appearance of the second color band (T). Sometimes light or lightly colored band (T) can also mean positive result, but it is preferable to take additional test in some days to be sure.

Interpretation of test result:

  1. If only one color band (C) appears on the test area of the device (test strip) it means you are not pregnant. Test result can be read as negative and confirmed if the second color band (T) has not appeared during 10 minutes.
  2. If two color bands appear on the test strip it means you are pregnant. As a rule test result can be read within 5-10 minutes. If color band (T) on the test area is light or lightly colored it means either you perform the test too early (duration of pregnancy is too small), or not in the morning.
  3. If no color bands appear on the test area of the device (test strip) testing is performed incorrectly, or the test is invalid. The most common mistakes of incorrect test performance are: if the test is being hold horizontally within 5-10 minutes;
  4. if there is not enough urine sample used for the test.

Pregnancy test result may not be reliable if:

  • You use the test after its date of expiration;
  • Your pregnancy can be determined as a pathological one;
  • Development of chorionepithelioma (a tumor that causes dramatic changes of the ratio of pregnancy hormones) is detected;
  • There are dysfunctional diseases of ovaries.

Dear women, please remember that only experienced gynecologist can detect the pregnancy for 100%. So we do not recommend postponing your visit to the specialist.