Midstream tests are tests of the third generation

Midstream tests are tests of the third generationFor those who have actively decided to start planning their families, midstream ovulation tests being convenient in use and widely popular in Europe, will surely help.

Modern midstream tests belong to the third generation of tests. There is a fiber core (inside of the device) that consists of small channels and through which urine rises rapidly to a portion of the device containing reagent. If HCG is present in urine, it will firmly attach to a test band of the device.

Additional advantages:
•    Test absorbent tip should be simply placed under urine stream, and there will be result in some minutes.
•    Testing can be performed any time.
•    It allows saving result “for memory”.

It is recommended not to drink a lot of liquid, as well as to refrain from urinating for four hours before testing.  It is also important to mention that ovulation tests are recommended to perform at the same time of the day.

If you have decided to use midstream test for ovulation, take out the test device from the package, remove protective cap, and place absorbent tip under urine stream for some seconds (it is also possible to collect urine into a clean container and to keep absorbent tip in the urine sample for 20 seconds).  Then you should take out the test, re-cap the device, and to interpret results in three minutes.

How is it correctly to define time of testing?

When should be testing started?

First of all, it is important to must determine the length of your menstrual cycle. If you do not know its length, testing can be started at the 11th day after the last menstruation beginning (it is used to consider the average length of the menstrual cycle is 28 days).

To detect ovulation it is necessary to perform one test per one day during 5-7 days, until fertile day detection.

Testing calendar as well as detailed instruction are inside of every package. You can also use “Calendar of Ovulation”.