Examination of pregnancy tests of “Dolphi-Ukraine” LLC

Examination of pregnancy tests of “Dolphi-Ukraine” LLC, ultrasound examination and analysis of blood as for HCG hormone concentration – medical center «Nika Family Clinic».

  1.  Testing dates: December 01, 2015 – January 31, 2016.
  2.  Testing was carried out by the leading specialists of the clinics, candidates of medical sciences, gynecologists, exactly: Pop Nataliya Vasil’evna, Vasilenko Tatiyana Vasil’evna, Pol’schikov Pavel Ivanovich.
  3. Testing was conducted involving the women who were at the same stages of pregnancy, using three different methods:
  • express tests in virto
  • ultrasound examination of pelvic organs
  • determination of the level of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone in blood

 Terms of pregnancy detection using test strips under HomeTest trade mark and other methods of pregnancy detection.

Examination of pregnancy tests

of “Dolphi-Ukraine”

ultrasound examination HCG
Examination of pregnancy tests of Dolphi-Ukraine


Pregnancy determined 4-5 weeks


Pregnancy determined 3-4 weeks

Examination of pregnancy tests of Dolphi-Ukraine



Pregnancy is not defined



Pregnancy determined 1-2 weeks

Examination of pregnancy tests of Dolphi-Ukraine



Pregnancy is not defined



Pregnancy determined 2-3 weeks

50 women who suggested they were pregnant took part in the examination. Average age of the women was 20-30 years. All the participants had no harmful habits and somatic pathologies.

According to the results of the research the below mentioned methods of early detection of pregnancy are the most sensitive ones:

  • Method of diagnosis of pregnancy in blood (concentration of HCG hormone);
  • home pregnancy test provided by “Dolphi-Ukraine” company. 

It is also important to mention that color intensity of control bands of HomeTest home tests indicates the concentration of the hormone in female organism, and, therefore, determines the stage of suggested pregnancy.

Method of ultrasound examination is effective starting from 4th – 5th week of pregnancy, when fertilized egg and embryo are clearly visible.  Ultrasound examination helps to fix the localization of the fertilized egg in the uterine cavity or to determine atypical location of pregnancy.

Method of diagnosis of HCG hormone in blood as well as home pregnancy test only confirms the fact of pregnancy, but it does not fix its localization in the uterine cavity.

Results of the research have approved that fact that due to high sensitivity (10 mUI/ml) of pregnancy tests under HomeTest trade mark it is easily to determine pregnancy at the early stages.

It also should be mentioned that home pregnancy test under HomTest trade mark is the most economically advantageous variant among the above described methods of early detection of pregnancy.

"Dolphi-Ukraine" company and team of «Nika Family Clinic» medical center hope this investigation will help women determine the reasons of missed menstruation, will protect against experiences, and save your time and money.

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