Are Exercises Safe during Pregnancy?

Are Exercises Safe during Pregnancy?Women who lead an active lifestyle often ask if they can go into sport or exercise during pregnancy.  Of course, they can! Pregnancy is not a verdict or a disease! It is a condition of female organism, its suitability for carrying a baby, due to hormonal and some physical changes. It is not recommended to turn into immovable porcelain doll if there are no prescriptions. There are exceptional cases when women being at risk of miscarriage have to spend 7-8 months in bed. If the pregnancy is normal, with no complications, gentle physical exercises will help you stay healthy.

Let’s check what exercises are safe for the pregnant women. There are some rules for women who went into sport before pregnancy. Firstly, it is preferable to renew physical exercises only in the second trimester as the there is always a risk of miscarriage in the first trimester.  Moreover fetus formation that takes place during the first trimester should occur with no additional loads on mother’s organism. 

Secondly, it is not recommended to begin any exercise program during the pregnancy without consulting your gynecologist. Now there is a great number of websites propagandizing yoga for pregnant women. Of course it is useful but not for all pregnant women as some exercises involve abdominal muscles. They should be performed only under the supervision of a specialist!

Active lifestyle of pregnant women who ignore maternity welfare centers causes bleedings and miscarriages. It is known that overheating is harmful for pregnant women but any physical exercises cause body temperature rise.

It is also important to keep water balance and check pulse rate. Further two factors that should be taken into account are regularity of exercises and correct exercise fulfilment.

Is it safe for pregnant women to practice jumps, cycling, running, inclinations? No, no way!

It is forbidden to do exercises that include rapid changes in direction or rapid movements of arms and legs. Tennis and volleyball are among harmful activities. Horseback riding, water skiing, roller coasters, and so-called “bananas” are also forbidden during pregnancy.

Active lifestyle during pregnancy include special group exercises for pregnant at maternity welfare centers and aqua aerobics. Please take into account our advice, and your pregnancy will pass without complications and problems.