6 things you SHOULD AVOID during pregnancy

6 things you SHOULD AVOID during pregnancyDuring pregnancy you are responsible not only for your health, but also for health of a new life that grows inside. You have to depart from usual mode of life and some ordinary things to allow your baby growing and developing healthy. So you should know about six things you have to avoid during the pregnancy:

1. Stress.

Getting in stressful situations or worrying, you expose your baby to the stress also. If you are strained, you blood pressure can arise that can lead to complications of pregnancy. Avoid stressful situations and try not to worry during this period. Your relatives support and understanding are very important to protect you from unpleasant emotions.

2. Heels.

Even if you used to wear high heels, pregnancy is a period when you should avoid them. It is preferable to wear comfortable shoes with flat soles. If you wear comfortable footwear it is less probable that you will lose the balance and fall.  Moreover you can suffer from back pain and swelling of veins on the legs, so that choosing the correct shoes you will take care of your body.

3. Spicy food.

If you like spices you should change your eating habits during pregnancy. Spicy food can cause discomfort and will give no pleasure. Heartburn is a common problem among pregnant women and it is better to avoid any factors provoking it.

4. Active recreation

Pregnancy is an interesting event, and it is preferable to depart from extreme and active types of recreation, not to risk. Any injury can be fatal for your fetus. Take care of him, and avoid any dangerous adventures and trips.

5. Raw, undercooked meat, exotic products.

Raw, undercooked meat as well as exotic products can be a source of harmful parasites and bacteria. Pregnant women are recommended to eat meat and other meat products that have been cooked thoroughly.

6. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, some medicines.

There are no hesitations that alcohol, cigarettes, drugs as well as some medicines are harmful for pregnant women. It is really important to depart from all of them at the moment when you are planning to become a mother. During pregnancy you should avoid smoking people and places where smoking is allowed. Thus you will save your own health, and health of your baby.